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Kristine Harpeni Sitompul is breaking new ground in more ways than one. Not only does she manage APRIL’s plant nursery, nurturing the saplings that will be used in our plantations, but she was the first women ever to join the company’s Assistant Trainee program. has reported that APRIL Group makes a significant contribution to the economy locally, regionally and nationally. Since 1999, PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP), operation of APRIL group, has contributed Rp 2.45 trillion (USD 183 million ) to the state.

That amount covers tax revenue of Rp 1.92 trillion (USD 143 million) and non-tax revenue of Rp 530 billion (USD 39 million)

As their natural habitat shrinks, wild elephants in Sumatra are driven closer to populated areas, which leads to conflict between humans and animals. To help combat this APRIL set up the Elephant Flying Squad to guide wild elephants away from human settlements and back into the forest.

The elephant at Ukui

The Sumatran elephant is a beautiful animal, but its numbers are dwindling: WWF estimates there are just 2,400-2,800 left in the wild, and perhaps as few as 100 on the island of Sumatra itself. 

As their habitats get smaller due to illegal logging, farming and encroachment, they inevitably come into contact with humans where they can damage crops and property. The conflict sometimes ends in the deaths of both humans and elephants. 

To help combat this APRIL Group set up two Elephant Flying Squads: teams of trained elephants who patrol the forests and lead wild elephants away from human settlements.

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