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School Improvement Program

The School Improvement Program was initiated in 2018 in collaboration with Tanoto Foundation and five regencies in Riau, focusing on improving the quality of education in local elementary schools. The regencies which are participating in this program are Pelalawan, Siak, Kuantan Singingi, Kampar dan Meranti Islands. 

The school improvement program aims to improve teaching quality and to increase students’ reading abilities. The program is in line with APRIL2030’s Inclusive Progress pillar in improving the PISA rating up to 10% above national level in schools supported by APRIL Group.

Achievements of the School Improvement Program

  • Assessment of literacy skills (Early Grade Reading Assessment - EGRA), Numeracy (Early Grade Mathematics Assessment - EGMA), and INAP (Indonesia Assessment Program) in 172 primary schools
  • Partnership with 172 primary schools in five districts in Riau
  • Distribution of more than 5,400 reading books to improve student literacy
  • Capacity building to more than 1,800 teachers, principals, and school committees
  • Renovation and construction of more than 60 schools in five districts in Riau

Vocational Program

The vocational program aims to train young people living around the company’s operational area to help them acquire skills and abilities needed by industry.

Achievements of the Vocational Program

  • Collaboration with four vocational schools in Riau
  • Training for 120 youths living around the operational area and assistance to find them employment
  • Internship opportunities at APRIL Group for 150 vocational school students
  • Assistance to nine vocational school teachers to obtain qualifications

Scholarship Program

APRIL Group provides scholarships to students who reside in and attend schools around its operational area to improve education quality. Through the company's Talent Pool scholarship program, students receive financial assistance, and will have the opportunity to work at APRIL Group once they graduate. The company also provides other scholarships for college and high school students.

Achievements of the Scholarship Program

  • 300 scholarships annually to high school students since 1999
  • 100 scholarships annually to college students since 2002