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Community Development

Making a difference through community engagement

Education, Health & Infrastructure

Access to education and healthcare, and a good infrastructure are major factors in alleviating poverty. In order to improve these in the communities we operate in, APRIL Group has provided:

To ensure more community members have access to education, APRIL Group provides scholarship programmes covering primary to university levels, teacher training, and also supplies school education facilities and equipment.

  • Provided a total of 17,613 scholarships to primary and secondary school students.
  • Offered 50 scholarships to local high school graduates to pursue agricultural studies undergraduates in INSTIPER.
  • Supported the renovation and development of 219 schools in rural areas since 1999.
  • Sponsored training for 600 teachers from 2009-2012.

APRIL Group is committed to improving access to healthcare for communities in rural areas, most of which are beyond the reach of government health services. The current programme has a two-prong approach, the first being public health education such as hygiene campaigns in schools. The other part focuses on supporting public health officers at the village level. APRIL Group also sponsors nutrition supplement programmes for mothers and babies at the village level.

  • From 1999-2012, 132,716 individuals were served by APRIL Group’s health programmes.
  • APRIL Group also ran 25 health campaigns in 2011-2012.

To provide greater transportation access and better facilities, APRIL Group has been involved in the infrastructure development and improvements of facilities in the communities close to its operations.

  • Supported the building of 178 places of worship and religious schools, 96 public schools and 17 sporting facilities.
  • Committed to 30 health, water and sanitation projects.
  • Provided 98 electric generators.