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Community Development

Making a difference through community engagement


Beyond direct employment, APRIL Group creates various sources of income for community members and offers necessary training and materials to support livelihoods. Our main developmental programmes include:

The Integrated Farming System (IFS)

IFS aims to improve the skills of community farmers in agricultural activities such as horticulture, plantation, animal husbandry, fishery and paddy planting development. APRIL Group provides training, facilitation and ongoing technical support to farmers.

  • IFS initially started within 170 hectares of the village farmland. IFS now covers 2,400 hectares of village farmland
  • 1,618 households have received support for agricultural materials
  • 566 farmers have received training and cultivated 4,845 hectares through our IFS programme and training centres
  • 2 training centres established and managed to deliver technical and practical knowledge to local farmers. One other training centre donated to local district government
Community Fiber Farms

In the absence of necessary licenses and approvals, landowners might otherwise be driven to illegal logging. The Community Fiber Farm programme fosters partnerships with landowners in the community to establish their own Acacia plantations. APRIL Group provides financing or assistance in securing financing, seedlings, and fertilizers; and maintains the plantations.

  • 28,384 hectares are dedicated to community fibre farms.
  • US$ 1,200 is invested in each hectare planted.
  • 30-35 jobs are created for every 100 hectare planted.
Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)

APRIL Group launched the SME development programme with the objective of providing aspiring entrepreneurs with technical and financial expertise. The SME programme is targeted at businesses that directly support company operations, as well as businesses not related to APRIL Group.

  • APRIL Group has employed and supported 189 entrepreneurs to provide services to directly support its operations.
  • Created more than 1,600 consequential jobs.

APRIL Group also provided vocational training in trades such as tailoring, hair styling, baking, bee keeping and honey production, carpentry and automotive repairs.