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Responsible forestry is key to our operations

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Sustainability Report

The principles of sustainable forest management are vital to our business as well as the communities in which we operate. As the first major Indonesian resources company to publish a formal sustainability report in 2002, we have long been committed to clear and transparent reporting.

Sustainability reporting is increasingly important. Following the latest GRI guidelines, our Sustainability Report includes comprehensive information on each aspect of our operations in Indonesia and the relationships between our activities and stakeholders. It also covers our directly owned operations and our activities with supply partners. It provides facts, statistics and perspectives based on our operations and experience in Indonesia.

As a privately owned, non-listed company we do not disclose commercially confidential information, though we remain committed to relevant economic, environmental and social disclosures regarding our operations and sustainability practices and continue to enhance the breath and depth of our reporting.

All data used in this report have been validated by APRIL Group and in many cases third parties.

View our Sustainability Report.

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