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Careers at APRIL Group

At APRIL Group we touch lives everywhere, every day, whether it’s the tens of thousands of people we benefit in local communities, or the millions around the world who use our products.

As a leader in sustainability we put the environment and the interests of local people first – only when our activities are good for the climate and good for the community will they benefit the company.

As one of the largest fiber, pulp and paper manufacturers in the world, we offer exciting opportunities for both fresh graduates and experienced professionals.

If you want a career you can be proud of, then join us. Take a look at life at APRIL Group and discover your next opportunity here.


Paper Town

PAPER TOWN profiles 9 prominent members, showing how they integrate with one another, each person offering their own, distinctive story.


Communications: Fembiarta Binar Putra

When Fembiarta first agreed to join APRIL in 2013, he had little idea where the journey would take him. Working in two different cities, attending conferences around the region and speaking in front of audiences of thousands.


Sustainability: Nardi

Five hours by car and boat followed by a 166-step climb up a 48 metre tower every two weeks may not sound like an ideal task to most, but to 28-year-old Nardi, the journey to inspect the atmospheric instruments is the "perfect unusual job".


Research And Development: Rahmadi

As a Research Officer in our R&D Department Rahmadi combines research with field trials to improve yields in our plantations. He joined the company after winning a scholarship to study at STIPER Agriculture Institute (INSTIPER) in Yogyakarta.


Administration: Syarifatul Yulia

APRIL Group has always played a big role in Syarifatul’s life: her father worked with us for 30 years, and her mother and husband still do. As a fresh graduate she took a job in administration. Read more about her experiences here.


Sustainability: Susilo Sudarman

As Sustainability Compliance Manager, Susilo is responsible for ensuring that suppliers follow our strict sustainability policy. He has also set up several community groups to enable staff to get to get to know their colleagues and neighbours.