Producing high quality pulp and paper for millions everyday

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Pulp Products

APRIL Group is the leading pulp supplier in Asia and uses advanced manufacturing processes to produce pulp of premium quality.

Our plantation pulp products are PEFC certified and PEFC Controlled Sources as they are sources from sustainably managed forest and from non controversial sources, which uphold ecological, economic and social values.  

Pulp is the basis of many paper products, ranging from the corrugated boards used in factories to our daily necessities like paper, tissue, tea bags and magazines. 

Currently in the developmental stage, we are conducting trials on customised pulp that is ideal to specific end-uses of market pulp such as Tissue and Specialty segments.

In addition, APRIL Group offers targeted to end-use customers who require higher bulk for certain types of printing, writing paper and board. APRIL Group also produces Bleached Acacia Kraft pulp (BAKP), which has a wide variety of applications, due to its excellent formation and opacity. BAKP is suitable for all paper grades segments dues to its excellent fibre properties.

How is pulp made?

To make pulp, small wood chips are processed and treated to create a mixture. The mixture is then cooked to release the natural glue that bonds wood fibre. The mixture is washed and undergoes further processing and bleaching to ensure that the final product is whiter, absorbent and resistant.

The principal by-product from cooking of wood chips is lignin, which in the form of black liquor, is used as fuel in the recovery boilers to generate steam and power, which are then used in the production process.

When the pulp is dried, finished and baled, it is shipped to our customers to make it into a wide variety of end products.

The following chart illustrates APRIL Group’s pulp production process flow:

Pulp Production Process

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