Socio-Cultural Life and Infrastructure

Community Development

Making a difference through community engagement

Socio-Cultural Life and Infrastructure

One of the main focuses of APRIL Group's community development program is to support socio-cultural life and infrastructure. The program includes the construction of churches and mosques, town halls, sports fields, meeting halls, roads, and public facilities, while also providing materials to support social, cultural, religious, and other activities.


Achievements in the Social Program

In 2021, APRIL Group supported 89 activities and distributed 8,155 food packages to impoverished communities.

Achievements in the Socio-Cultural and Infrastructure Programs

In 2021, APRIL Group completed the restoration of Siak Sri Indrapura Palace, repaired two bridges in Pangkalan Terap, and provided construction materials for 112 mosques and churches, village roads, meeting halls, village offices, and other public facilities.