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Paper Products

PaperOne TM is a flagship brand, offering a range of premium quality office paper made from 100% renewable plantation fibre and designed for the most demanding printing and copying tasks.

PaperOne™ products are also PEFC certified, ensuring they are sourced from legal and sustainably managed plantations.

APRIL Group paper products

All PaperOneTM products incorporate the revolutionary ProDigiTM HD Print Technology for superior performance in digital printing technologies. This paper is 3 times smoother with 33% stronger surface and is produced from 100% Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) renewable plantation pulp.

PaperOneTM Copier is specially adapted for printing in machines using the xerographic principle. It has exceptional formation and good smoothness and is developed for problem free usage in high speed and high volume copiers.

PaperOneTM All Purpose ensures optimum print results in all printers and copiers. It is a multipurpose paper, capable of switching from one machine to another with great print results. Amongst the whitest paper in the world, its superior thickness also ensures great duplex prints.

PaperOneTM Digital is a premium quality, ultra smooth paper designed to fit in all kinds of office equipment using inkjet and xerographic principle. It caters to the most demanding inkjet, laser and digital printers. Two basic weights, 8.5g/m2 and 100g/m2, are available for different printing needs.


Paper Products

How is Paper Produced?

Paper is produced through drying the pulp slurry stock of pulp and then allowing the cellulose fibres to matt together and combine. While the paper is still damp, it is fed through a series of heated rollers to flatten and dry. The product is then coated with binding agents and various additives to improve its printing properties. Finally, to make the paper smooth and glossy, it is run through more rollers. The end product is then ready for use.