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Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report 2022: Towards Purpose-Led Action

APRIL Group published its Sustainability Report 2022 titled Towards Purpose-Led Action, which documents our progress in sustainability against our own commitments and targets as well as global imperatives and aspirations in 2022. This was a year defined by recovery and renewed purpose in action on climate, nature and people as we carry out the programs and initiatives established to advance towards the achievement of our APRIL2030 commitments and targets, while at the same investing in the people, science and technology needed to grow our business sustainably and respond to the rising market demand for sustainable and bio-based products.

In the reporting year, we continued to advance towards the achievement of our these commitments and targets, increasingly embedding them into our operations. APRIL2030 comprises 18 ambitious targets under four commitment pillars - Climate Positive, Thriving Landscapes, Inclusive Progress and Sustainable Growth. This report includes detailed updates of our progress and challenges towards delivering on these commitments and targets. We also continue to be guided by our founding 5Cs philosophy. This ensures that we operate in a way that is good for the community, the climate, our customers, the country, and then our company.

More detailed about APRIL Group’s 2022 Sustainability Report can be found here.


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