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Community Development

Making a difference through community engagement


Beyond direct employment, APRIL Group creates various sources of income for community members and offers necessary training and materials to support livelihoods.

Our Community Development team promote sustainable agriculture to local farmers and entrepreneurs, helping to improve their welfare, while reducing environmental impact.

Our One Village One Commodity (OVOC) program works with villages to determine goods of commercial value, and provides training on farming, animal husbandry, and running fisheries to help villagers succeed. Recipients will also be given assistance to market their products.

APRIL also supports the government’s Climate Village Program or Program Kampung Iklim (Proklim), which encourages local communities to carry out climate change adaptation and mitigation activities.

APRIL provides assistance and workshops to the participating villages in on waste-handling, composting organic waste and recycling/reselling end-of-life products.

APRIL also promotes sustainable agribusinesses as part of the Inclusive Progress pillar of APRIL2030, which aims to eradicate extreme poverty in a 50km radius of our operational areas.

Developments in our Agribusiness Program:

  • Assistance to 1,210 farmers (85 groups) from 64 villages in 5 districts in Riau Province
  • Development of 9 commodity crops: pineapple, honey guava, crystal guava, lime, sweet orange, areca nut, durian, watermelon, and vegetables
  • Supporting 10 Main ProKlim Villages (Desa ProKlim Utama)