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Responsible forestry is key to our operations


APRIL Group is a leader in applying responsible and best-practice sustainable forestry management across every aspect of its operations. In this way, APRIL Group balances the need to safeguard the environment and promote the interests of local people and their communities with a successful commercial enterprise.

That is why all APRIL Group products are PEFC certified, ensuring that all products are sourced from sustainably managed plantations.

Our Approach

APRIL Group’s business vision is centred on the belief that responsible development can build a better future for Indonesia, helping local people to break the poverty cycle and improve their lives. Operating sustainably is essential to achieving this vision, where sustainability is defined as using resources to meet human needs while ensuring the sustainability of natural systems and environments today and into the future. That is why sustainability resides at the core of our values and aspirations.

Our approach to sustainability accepts that our commercial viability and our ongoing contribution to Indonesia’s economy are predicated on our ability to manage our operations in a way that ensures long-term productivity as well as social and environmental benefits. Through our actions, we constantly reinforce our commitment to sustainable management and to applying best practice environmental and safety management practices across all our operations. We aim to be part of the solution as Indonesia strikes the balance between economic development and environmental management.