Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy

January 2022


APRIL recognizes the importance of respecting the rights of the people and we are committed to taking concrete actions to advance human rights. Our vision and values as defined in the RGE’s Code of Conduct are anchored in respect for human rights and that is at the core of our company’s culture and values .

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings regardless of our nationality, place of residence, sex, identity, ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status, serving as a basic “Code of Conduct” for all human beings.

We are committed to raising awareness, promoting best practices and empowering people across our value chain, which includes our own operations and supply chains. We will strive to manage and mitigate human rights risks in our operations and supply chain through our Human Rights Due Diligence framework.

We recognize that communities and their livelihood rights, and the rights of vulnerable groups such as indigenous groups, women and migrant and temporary workers, are important in the locations where we operate.

The Policy applies to all employees, contractors and business units within APRIL Group and Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), and is an encouragement to our suppliers and other business partners to adopt the same commitment.

We maintain a grievance resolution mechanism that is readily accessible via online(provide link to lodge a grievance) and offline channels for all stakeholders for any potential concerns, including those related to human rights.

The APRIL Executive Committee will continue to ensure robust governance in the implementation of our sustainability commitments, including human rights, in APRIL Group and APR.

Human Rights Policy

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