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Paperboard Products

BoardOne™ is a flagship brand, offering a range of premium-quality paperboard products made from renewable wood fibres. BoardOne™ products are also PEFC certified, ensuring they are sourced from legal, fully traceable and sustainable managed plantations. We provide folding box board , Cup Stocks and Art Board(C2S) for general packaging, food service packaging and graphical applications. Our customers are merchants, converters and product owners from the Americas, Europe, Middle East as well as Asia. Our business model of QPC - Quality, Productivity and Cost – are the key drivers of our business to create value for our customers.

Folding Box Board (FBB)

Folding Box Board is made up of multiple layers of chemical and mechanical pulp with triple coating on the top side and single coating on the backside. This composition gives a high level of stiffness and folding endurance needed for paperboards, providing strong structure and durability for packaging. The coatings provide the flatness and smoothness required for paperboard products, enabling consistent printing and making the printed colours appear more vibrant and sharp. The converters can improve their productivity and achieve financial cost savings with fewer defects. For product owners aiming to differentiate their goods from competitors, attractive packaging outcomes can be achieved with professional designs, packaging development, and printing technology. The major end users of folding box board are in the cosmetics, electronics appliances, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, gift boxes, and retail-ready packaging sectors.

Cup Stocks

Cup Stocks provide the base paper for paper cup grades, with a starch coating layer on the top and on the backside. As BoardOne™ paperboards are made from 100% renewable fibres and are free from unknown chemical substances, our paperboards are safe for direct or indirect contact with food, making them suitable for packaging used in the food services industry. Our Cup stocks and folding box board GC2 OBA Free are specially designed for food trays, bowls, containers, ice-cream cups, as well as hot and cold paper cups.

Art Board, C2S

The Art Board, C2S grade, with triple coating on the top side and double coating on the backside, is designed for graphical applications. The excellent smoothness, higher brightness, and whiteness enable converters to use different printing methods such as UV or digital printing, combined with special printing effects like hot stamping, cool foil, film lamination, and embossing. The Art Board brings out the vibrant colour and sharpness of the printed images in brochures, menus, cosmetics, gift boxes, and advertising materials.

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