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From Aspiration to Action: A Journey to Becoming a Sustainability Specialist

Meet Christian Pranoto who is on a continuous journey of learning, striving to become a sustainability specialist.

It all began when he selected Conservation and Natural Resources Biology as his major at the National University in Jakarta, Indonesia (add what year) . Later, he extended his studies at the University of Edinburgh's Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in Scotland, focusing on animal behavior and welfare, which he knew would be valuable in his future pursuits.


After completing his studies, Christian joined the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of orangutans. Then, he landed a job at a palm oil company where he got to learn the industry's pressing sustainability issues.

“Motivated by a strong desire to make a difference and save Indonesian wildlife, I set out on a journey that would take me through various experiences and opportunities,” Christian said.

ASPiRE sustainability mentoring programme 

To advance his skills and expertise in sustainability and seek a suitable platform to develop his mission of wildlife protection, he enrolled in the APRIL Sustainability Professional Readiness Programme (ASPiRE) Batch 4. 

ASPiRE, launched by APRIL, offers comprehensive training, mentoring, and hands-on experience to nurture young sustainability enthusiasts. It provides a broad perspective on sustainability, making it ideal for individuals exploring various aspects of the field.

“When I first discovered this programme, I recognised its potential for facilitating my personal and professional development as a sustainability expert,” Christian said. 


Learning sustainable fishery

Christian actively participates in the APRIL restoration project known as Restorasi Ekosistem Riau (RER). Here, he works on a project to integrate traditional fishing methods to support the economic and social well-being of villagers living near the Serkap River in Indonesia's Riau province.

The project’s goal is not to prevent the indigenous people from fishing as they have relied on the river for generations for both sustenance and transportation. 

“Our top priority is maintaining healthy fish stocks by preventing overfishing, minimising environmental impacts, and implementing effective governance and management strategies,” he said.  

He also stressed the importance of proper fisheries management in sustaining the livelihoods of local communities. The company launched a project to actively measure the fish catch in the region as accurate data is critical for evaluating the effectiveness of restoration initiatives and guiding decision-making.

Access to this data empowers fishermen to adapt and plan during periods of potentially lower fish catch. It also offers a transparent view of the fishery's condition, encouraging the community to prioritize ecological preservation and ensure the sustainability of their harvest.

“Hopefully, this valuable data will encourage nearby fishermen to take a proactive approach to sustainable environmental management,” he said.  

Through this project, Christian learned that altering behaviour and promoting sustainable practices requires patience. Accomplishing long-term sustainability goals demands strong commitment and consistent action. 

“I am grateful for the opportunity to explore sustainability through my enrolment in the prestigious ASPiRE Batch 4 to hone my skills and start a rewarding career in sustainability,” Christian said. 

Christian's commitment and ambition in sustainable development have positioned him for accelerated career progression within APRIL and RGE's global business group. APRIL anticipates welcoming new participants to ASPiRE each year, inspired by individuals like Christian who are dedicated to making a difference.