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Paper Town

Over 10,000 people call APRIL Group’s town site on the edge of Pangkalan Kerinci, home.

Made up of employees, their families, and the people who help make the complex a functioning and dynamic society, this unique community sees thousands pass through its gates every month to help us produce biodegradable products that are used by billions of people around the world.

The purpose-built town is constantly expanding; thousands of homes, supermarkets, a hotel, international schools, sports facilities and a variety of places of worship to cater for this multi-cultural community.

PAPER TOWN profiles 9 prominent members, showing how they integrate with one another, each person offering their own, distinctive story.


Elwan Jumandri is a man of many jobs. Since joining APRIL Group 26 years ago, he has worked across a variety of departments until finally finding his home in human resources. As an HR Service Manager, he has taken on many roles, while helping develop APRIL Group’s health and safety policy. Having achieved so much in over a quarter of a century, Elwan looks back on his career with great pride.


Creating a home away from home was top priority for sustainability specialist Susan Slabbert when she first arrived in Pangkalan Kerinci from her native South Africa. Since then she has embraced everything about small town life and, by making new friends and learning the local language, it has made the long trip from South Africa all worthwhile.

Budiyanti has been a leading light in the APRIL community for over 21 years and has helped form a group for the wives of employees. Ikatan Wanita Riau Andalan or IWARA for short, has 42 members and counting, who are encouraged to learn new skills, influence environmental initiatives and regularly hand out donations to the surrounding local communities.


Robert Solis is the principal at Mutiara Harapan International School at APRIL Group’s complex in Pangkalan Kerinci.

Over the last two years of working at the school, the Filipino native has made a huge impression on the children and the community, bringing positive energy and a brand of teaching that is set to have a lasting impact.


Amit Halder is in his dream job. Growing up in India, he was always fascinated with the latest gadgets.

So, when he joined APRIL as a Planning Specialist, where he works with state of the art satellite and drone technology, it was a perfect fit.

Amit moved to APRIL Group, along with his wife, five years ago and the first thing that struck him about living here is its unique sense of community.


It could be argued that Civil Supervisor Tri is one of the most recognizable faces in the community. Why? His role in facility management is so varied, it takes him to all four corners of the complex. He wears many hats throughout his day and he wouldn’t change that for the world.

After graduating in forestry in 2017 Indra Hartanto joined APRIL Group. The motorbike enthusiast loves the long, well paved roads in the complex as well as the sporting facilities where he regularly challenges friends to badminton. Indra’s time at APRIL has flown by and as each year passes, his responsibilities grow. Whether he is dealing with stakeholders or briefings with the security team or even meeting with employees, Indra hopes the next four years are as exciting as the last.


After more than 15 years working as a security officer, Dedi Darwis Sinaga has seen it all. The rapid development throughout APRIL Group’s complex is something he has witnessed up close. Not only that, the evolution has resulted in an increase of employees and visitors as they pass through the gates he watches over.

The responsibility of driving some of Indonesia’s first electric buses isn’t something Wicak Putra takes lightly. It could be technicians, engineers, mill workers or secretaries, the young bus driver is in charge of transporting APRIL’s employees to and from work.