2.0 Sustainable Forest Management

APRIL Group defines sustainability as managing natural resources to meet environmental, social and economic needs of today’s society without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

APRIL’s Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP) was developed with inputs from key stakeholders. This Policy is an evolution of APRIL’s High Conservation Value (HCV) commitment, established in 2005, to take APRIL to the next level in balancing the imperatives of safeguarding the environment and looking after the interest of local people, while continuing to run a sustainable business.

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2.1 Sustainability Governance

The development and delivery of APRIL Group’s sustainability practices are driven by an External Affairs Council that convenes once every month. Members of this Council include APRIL Group Board Chairman, RAPP President Director and the Sustainability Director. Business heads and key members of the sustainability team participate as required.

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2.3 Conservation

APRIL Group manages its conservation areas and plantations based on a landscape approach.

"Farms, forest, water bodies and settlements are not isolated elements but part of a wider landscape in which all land uses are integrated. This entails viewing and managing multiple land uses in an integrated manner, considering both the natural environment and the human systems that depend on it."
- Global Landscape Forum -

More than 20 years of experience managing land in Indonesia has taught us that forest areas, be it conservation forest or other types of forest, that are not actively monitored and managed, are vulnerable to significant degradation by human encroachment and illegal logging. Examples of such degradation could be found at various forest areas that remain unmanaged. Most are severely encroached, burned and degraded during the annual dry season.

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2.4 Biodiversity

We believe forest conservation should adopt a holistic, outcome-oriented approach. The active process of identifying, protecting and managing conservation areas is more important than simply declaring vast areas of land for conservation.

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2.5 Challenges

All of APRIL Group’s plantation areas are operated under license from the Indonesian Government. We operate on areas that have been designated by the Government of Indonesia as production forest area suitable for establishment of Industrial Forest Plantation (Hutan Tanaman Industri, HTI).

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