Sustainable forestry plays a key role in job creation, poverty alleviation and the improvement of health and education outcomes. We believe that growth and prosperity should be inclusive and benefit a wide range of stakeholders, achieved by putting in place the science and knowledge that generates economic, social and environmental benefits.

As an integral component of the communities in which we operate, APRIL Group continuously works to promote socio-economic development in the local communities in which we operate.

pangkalan-kerinci-town-1994Pangkalan Kerinci Town, 1994


We strongly believe in being part of the solution in Indonesia as the country progresses in overcoming various challenges as a developing nation. As set out by the company’s founder, our company aims to operate for the benefit of the country, community and company.

With operations based in Riau province, the economic impact flow to local and rural areas has generated 90,000 employment opportunities to date, with more than 5,400 directly employed, according to the 2011 report of the Economic and Social Research Unit of the University of Indonesia. Infrastructure and community benefits represented 6.1 of Riau province’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP) and 5.4 % of all household income in the province. Moving forward, APRIL Group aims to re-asses the economic impact every five years.


pangkalan-kerinci-town-1999Pangkalan Kerinci Town, 1999


Among our community development programs is the cultivation of livelihood plantation (Tanaman Kehidupan) and community forest (Hutan Tanaman Rakyat) for the community to ensure that those near and around us have the opportunity to economic betterment.

Infrastructure is integral to economic development and we remain committed to providing infrastructure in Riau. So far, 2,600 kilometers of roads has been build and maintained for public use.


pangkalan-kerinci-town-2014Pangkalan Kerinci Town, 2014