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Tanoto Foundation

Tanoto Foundation strives to be a centre of excellence in poverty alleviation through education, empowerment, and enhancement of quality of life.

Tanoto Foundation was founded on a belief that everyone should have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. In line with this guiding principle, Tanoto Foundation operates as a centre of excellence in poverty alleviation, working with communities and partners to address root causes of poverty in rural areas of North Sumatra, Riau and Jambi.

Its day-to-day efforts to reduce poverty are further based on a belief that the best solutions to breaking intergenerational poverty lie with the next generation. This drives a focus on Education, Empowerment and Enhancement.

More specifically, the Foundation focuses on innovative programmes that build capacity and empower its beneficiaries, partnering where necessary to access the best expertise, and then documenting and sharing best practice with wider audiences.  While most of the Foundation’s programs are run in rural areas of Sumatera island, the Foundation also implements activities that cover Indonesia as a whole.

For example, education initiatives include scholarships for all education levels, teacher training, the establishment of kindergartens, primary and junior high schools, as well as the supply of books and other teaching aids. At a higher level, Tanoto Foundation funds university professorships and research in areas such as disease detection and prevention, biomass application and forestry. Furthermore, Tanoto Foundation collaborates with Indonesian and international universities to improve Indonesian universities quality as center of higher learning. In the Kerinci township, Tanoto Foundation partners with APRIL Group to coordinate and deliver community programmes, scholarships, schools and services to the local community.  

Empowerment initiatives include programmes that facilitate the development of small and medium sized enterprise in rural areas through vocational training and microfinance as well as business mentoring. These businesses support APRIL Group’s operations, benefitting from the stability and scale that APRIL Group provides that in turn deliver grassroots business growth opportunities. 

In addition, Tanoto Foundation works with corporate partners to promote integrated farming systems to transform traditional and often environmentally damaging subsistence agricultural practices into self-sufficient sustainable farming operations. This initiative includes the establishment of Community Fibre Farms on land drawn from APRIL Group’s concession areas and supported with training and equipment.

Under the third pillar, Enhancement of quality of life, Tanoto Foundation and its corporate partners carry out programs such as provision of clean water to communities, and improvement of the quality of community health services.  

Although not set out as an emergency-relief organization, Tanoto Foundation and its corporate partners response to natural disasters that call for assistance from private organization.  In the recent year, relief has been provided to tsunami-affected communities, and to communities affected by earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption and flood.

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Together, Tanoto Foundation, APRIL Group and other corporate partners have to date:

  • Renovated 71 classrooms in 25 schools
  • Offered 5,283 scholarships 
  • Trained 1,184 teachers in Contextual Teaching and Learning
  • Donated 30,816 books to surrounding areas 
  • Distributed 14,533 hygiene kits to schools
  • Provided 128 businesses with start-up capital
  • 3,236 farmers participated in the Integrate Farming System Program
  • 2,304 people as health campaign beneficiaries
  • 1,739 people as clean water facilities beneficiaries
  • Rehabilitated 5,000 meters of roads
  • 84 religious facilities rehabilitated
  • 903 sports equipment donated to local communities
  • 2,020 staff participated in Employee Volunteering program

Visit Tanoto Foundation to find out more about its programmes.