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Jakarta Globe has produced a special report on the community development work of APRIL subsidiary Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) to help local women become batik makers and earn extra income for their families.

Since 2013 RAPP has been working to empower women in Kerinci by giving them the skills and resources to make a living as part of our community development commitment. The batik program has been so successful that several of the designs have been patented.

“RAPP's community development program initially provided the funds to establish the cooperation, build a workshop for the production house and a shop to sell the RAB's handmade batik in Pangkalan Kerinci,” wrote Jakarta Globe.

“As members of the production house honed their skills and amped up their knowledge in product design and quality control, they became self-sufficient enough to be able to pay for their own production, and eventually to make and sell enough batik to make profits.”

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