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When picturing a zero-waste lifestyle to help preserve the environment, the first thing that usually springs to mind is how to reduce single-use plastic waste, or use of materials which are difficult to recycle, such as polyester.

Food waste rarely gets the same attention, but it is a major issue. Food waste may decompose naturally, but it requires large volumes of resources to produce, and also adds to the issue of social inequality, particularly in developing countries like Indonesia, where the poverty rate is high.

About 19.4 million people in Indonesia suffer from malnutrition, with around a quarter of Indonesian children still suffering from stunting and acute malnutrition which causes stunting. In 2019, Indonesia’s Global Hunger Index was 21.9%, slightly higher than Laos’ figure.

However, data from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture’s Food Security Agency and other sources show that Indonesia produces 13 million tonnes of food waste annually. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, this means that on average, each person bins about 300kg of food each year, making Indonesia the world’s second largest food waster.

APRIL Group is committed to supporting the United Nations’ global agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and helping Indonesia achieve as many of them as possible, including Goal 1 (No Poverty), Goal 2 (No Hunger), Goal 10 (Reduced Inequalities), Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption), Goal 13 (Climate Action) and Goal 15 (Life on Land), and we understand the best way to do this is to embrace partnerships with like-minded organisations to achieve targets, as in Goal 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

That’s why we’ve partnered with environmental movement Zero Waste Indonesia (ZWID) to raise awareness together about the food wastage problem in Indonesia. Established in 2018, Zero Waste Indonesia is an online platform for people, activists and communities who share the same concerns about the environment and sustainability needs, to get information about environmental issues and ways to adopt zero-waste lifestyles.

Join us in our #BerkahPiringKosong photo sharing campaign, by taking the time to be mindful about the food you eat and the portions you put on your plates, about finishing your meals to prevent food waste and thereby not contributing to the problem.

Take photos of your ‘before’ and ‘after’ plates and share them on your Instagram (IG) feeds with us and your peers from now until November 8, and APRIL will donate IDR 5,000 for every IG post we see to Zero Waste Indonesia partner organisations Garda Pangan and, which are communities which focus on food waste and food distribution.

Every bit helps, and together, we can make a difference to Indonesia.

To take part in our #BerkahPiringKosong food waste awareness campaign*:

  1. Follow @DiscoverAPRIL and @Zerowaste.id_official on Instagram
  2. Post your ‘before’ and ‘after’ meal photos on your IG feed or instagram Story (don’t forget to set your account to public so we can see them!
  3. Tag 3 of your friends in your post and tag us.
  4. Use the hashtags #BerkahPiringKosong #HabiskanMakananmu #ZWIDxAPRIL #ZWIDFoodwaste in your post


*All APRIL and RAPP employees are welcome to participate in this campaign.

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