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It was 2016 when a few employees of Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) realized that were all doing the same thing every day – taking their bicycles to work.

Bike to Work

With a shared love for their two-wheeled vehicles, they soon grouped together to form the Riau Complex Cycling Community (RCCC). Today, there are 70 members in the club, whose ages range from 25 to 50.

Riau Complex Cycling Community (RCCC) - Cycling Club

Agung Haryanto, the leader of RCCC, says that the RAPP Complex provides a safe environment for employees to cycle, be it for leisure or to work.

Life at April

The RCCC organises routine gatherings every weekend, where members go on 20km rides or simply ride around their residential areas together.

Several club members also compete in cycling competitions at the provincial level, organised by the Indonesia Cycling Sport Union (ISSI).

Selain gowes bersama ke kantor setiap hari, anggota RCCC juga kerap berakhir pekan bersama untuk gowes jarak jauh atau bahkan hanya bersepeda santai di sekitar kompleks.

Hobi yang menyehatkan ini juga membawa beberapa anggota RCCC menjuarai kompetisi yang sering diadakan oleh Indonesia Cycling Sport Union (ISSI).

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