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2019 was an exciting year for APRIL Group, with many of our sustainability and CSR achievements receiving notable recognition from various organizations in Indonesia. Have a look at some of the highlights:

Sustainable Business Awards (SBAs) of Indonesia
Held since 2012, the Sustainable Business Awards (SBAs) recognizes leadership in sustainable business practices. In January, APRIL was announced as the winner of the Best UN Sustainable Development Goals Program Award at the SBAs of Indonesia. The SBAs are a good indicator for APRIL to calculate and measure the impact of our investment into SDGs.

CSR Award
PT RAPP received the CSR Award from the Regent of Pelalawan for its support towards development in Indonesia’s Pelalawan district, through its Community Development Program as well as its Green Open Space Development Contribution Program.

Indonesia Green Awards (IGA) 2019
The Indonesia Green Awards (IGA) 2019 is given by The La Tofi School of CSR to companies which have demonstrated high concern for the environment through various creative means. On this occasion, APRIL received an award in the plastic waste management category for its implementation of a zero plastic campaign in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau.

PR Indonesia Awards (PRIA)
PT RAPP was the runner-up in the Sustainable Business Category and the Living the Core Values category at this year’s PR Indonesia Awards (PRIA).

Indonesia Maju Award
The Indonesia Maju Award, awarded by Warta Ekonomi and Rakyat Merdeka, are a means of appreciation towards companies in Indonesia who have made a real contribution to the country. On this occasion, APRIL was honoured as the recipient of the Korporasi Merah Putih award.

Primaniyarta Award
The Primaniyarta Award is the highest achievement given by Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade to exporters who are considered the most outstanding in the field of exports and capable of being a role model for other exporters. In October 2019, PT RAPP was deemed the winner in the Performance Exporter category.

K3 Gold Flag Award
In April 2019, APRIL received the K3 Gold Flag Award from the Ministry of Manpower, in recognition of its implementation of a robust occupational safety and health management system in its mills.

PR Excellence Awards
The PR Excellence Awards are given by the Indonesian Association for Public Relations (PERHUMAS) to people in public relations in recognition of their achievements. APRIL was awarded first runner-up in the Internal PR Program category.

Indonesian Sustainability Development Goals Award (ISDA)
The Indonesian Sustainability Development Goals Award (ISDA) from the Corporate Forum for Community Development (CFCD) gives recognition to community assistance programs implemented by companies in line with the SDG targets. APRIL was awarded first place in the SDG 4 category and second place in the SDG 2 category.

Award for Productive Healthy Women Workers Movement (GP2SP)
In November 2019, PT RAPP was honoured with the Productive Healthy Women Workers Movement (GP2SP) Award by the Ministry of Health during an event held to commemorate the 55th National Health Day (HKN).

Green Industry Certification
Since 2017, the Green Industry Certification has been awarded by the Ministry of Industry to companies to acknowledge that they have fulfilled green industry requirements. This year, the Green Industry Certification was given to 18 selected companies, including PT RAPP.

Adiwiyata Award
In December 2019, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) and the Ministry of Education and Culture awarded the 2019 Adiwiyata Award to the Pelalawan Estate Andalan Global Primary School, which is supported by PT RAPP. The Adiwiyata Award is given to schools throughout Indonesia in recognition of their strong commitment to protecting the environment.

These achievements are a testament to APRIL's ongoing commitment towards running its business in a sustainable manner while implementing RGE’s 5Cs business principle of ‘Good for Community, Good for Country, Good for Climate, Good for Customer, and Good for Company’.

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