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APRIL Group has just opened applications for the third batch of its sustainability professional development program, which has now been renamed the APRIL Sustainability Professional Readiness Program (ASPiRE).

ASPiRE is an 18-month accelerated talent development program designed to recruit and train individuals who have a passion and belief that doing things sustainably in business is the way to go.

The program was previously known as the APRIL Sustainability Professional Development Program (ASPDP).

Triana Krisandini, APRIL’s Assistant Director of Sustainability who heads recruitment for ASPiRE, said the program’s main objective of grooming future leaders in sustainability shows that APRIL’s commitment to sustainability in running the business is for the long term.

“The company really believes that sustainability is the way to do business and to do this, we need to make sure we have the right talents and pipeline to take on those roles in the future. And those are our ASPiRE participants,” Triana said.

Aside from the program name change, all other conditions and requirements to apply for the sustainability development program have remained the same since it first launched in 2018, she said.

These requirements include having a keen interest in a career in sustainability, excellent verbal and written English skills, and a recent Master’s degree from a reputable university.

Successful applicants typically undergo three rotations in either APRIL or its sister company Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), in their Jakarta or Pangkalan Kerinci offices.

“The program offers a holistic overview of sustainability through the rotations. It is best for individuals who are interested in the field but is still not sure which aspect of sustainability they really want to work in.

“The rotations allow them to experience the multifaceted aspect of it, so that afterwards they can decide which career track within the group suits them most, which is also lined up with what the business needs,” Triana said.

“Moreover, we also want to build this community of well-qualified sustainability practitioners with goodwill and expertise who will carry out sustainability mindsets even if they decide to embark on a career elsewhere in the future,” Triana added.

APRIL remains steadfast in its going commitment to sustainable management and to applying the best environmental and safety management practices in its operations. This is in line with the RGE Group’s commitment to help Indonesia achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.


Click here for more information on the 2020 ASPiRE program application. Applications must be in by May 10, 2020.

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