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When a colleague’s child became seriously ill eight years ago, APRIL Group Logistic Supply Chain Manager Meyli was sympathetic.

Although APRIL Group provides health insurance for its employees and their dependents, Meyli still felt the overwhelming need to do something to help.

“One of my co-workers was struck by a tragedy as her child was suffering from a terminal illness, so my colleagues and I took the initiative to raise donations – and that’s how the Tolong Menolong Union was born,” Meyli shared.

Meyli approached the company’s Human Resources Department to get things moving, and the company fully backed her idea.

Working together with APRIL, Meyli invited her fellow employees to join the Tolong Menolong Union. The union today comprises 3,000 members, all of whom are direct employees of APRIL.

The union has a voluntary ‘One Dollar to One Dollar’ program, where union members opt to donate a portion of their salaries to the union every month. APRIL then matches every dollar that is donated to the union.

“So, if the union receives IDR 5 million this month (through employee donations), the company will match the amount and donate IDR 5 million to the union,” Meyli explained.

“It’s not mandatory, as it’s all up to whether employees are willing to donate,” she added.

The Tolong Menolong Union taps into the fund whenever an employee or family member requires financial assistance for their health, such as for surgery or childbirth costs.

Depending on the nature of the issue, the union will provide an employee up to IDR 140 million in assistance, and the money will not need to be given back.

“The highest the Tolong Menolong Union fund has ever accumulated was IDR 2 billion. For now, our balance sits around IDR 1 billion,” said Meyli.

Meyli hopes that the Tolong Menolong Union will continue to assist many APRIL employees to receive assistance during their times of need.


Meyli first joined APRIL Group in 1998 and has climbed the ranks at the company since then. Today, she is one of the youngest managers at APRIL. Hear more of her story here:

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