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Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) employees and their families put our core value of Complementary Team into action at the latest blood donation event in Pangkalan Kerinci in Riau, where they contributed 1,071 bags of blood.

Donate Blood Save Life  - World Blood Donor Day

The event, which took place in March, was the 57th blood donation drive held in the RAPP Complex.

Held at Unigraha Hotel, it was jointly organised by the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and Keluarga Donor Darah (KDD) Riau Complex, a group which works to help facilitate blood donation events at RAPP.

KDD Riau Complex has regular blood donation events scheduled for the year, making it easy for RAPP staff to contribute regularly.

Dr Dian Singgih, Head of the Blood Transfusion Unit at PMI Pekanbaru, said that the organisation requires at least 7,000 bags of blood each month.

This means that the regular contributions from RAPP employees and their families every few months are extremely helpful, she said.

In 2017, RAPP even received an award recognising it as the company to make the largest donation, when 1,265 blood bags were collected from RAPP employees and their family members during the company’s 52nd blood donation event.

Nurul Azmi, Chairman of KDD Riau Complex, said that almost 4,000 litres of blood have been donated by RAPP employees since 2005.

Many of them are now permanent donors, who view giving blood every few months as a routine part of their lives.

One of them is 31-year-old Darul Arifin, who has made 16 blood donations as an RAPP employee.

Darul’s first time giving blood was at a blood donation drive held at the university where he was studying when he was 18 years old.

“I started donating blood simply to help others. I feel really happy that I am able to save lives with such a simple act,” he said.

Darul said that he received most of the basic information about the benefits of giving blood quite early in his life, and was especially intrigued by the fact that one bag of blood can save up to three lives.

“I think it’s also knowing the fact that either myself or a family member might need a bag of blood some day which came from someone else. Why not be that person for someone who is in need of my blood now?” he said.

Darul shared that there are many Whatsapp groups now for the regular donors in the area, so that the willing donors can be readily contacted in the case that a blood donation, especially for a specific blood type, is urgently required.

“As I’m registered as a permanent donor, I also get SMS reminder notifications from the Indonesian Red Cross when it’s time for me to donate again, so it’s easy to keep track,” he said.

Darul says he feels extremely proud that RAPP is a company that does not just focus on production and profits, but one that also cares for the community.

“If I’m not mistaken, RAPP is one of the biggest companies carrying out regular blood donation events. I was especially proud and happy to be an employee when we received an award for collecting 1,265 blood bags from one event,” he said.

“I do think our ‘blood donor family’ is extraordinary, with so many of our employees willing to give when we don’t have to.

“There’s a strong sense of friendship too, as it’s no place for any differentiation between us in terms of race, religion or job rank – everyone is just here to give blood with enthusiasm,” Darul added.

RAPP continues to be committed to doing what is Good For Community, by showing its support for various social activities organised by its employees as well as residents of Pangkalan Kerinci.

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