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2010 was a big year for Izwan, a native of Tanjung Padang Village, Meranti Island District, Riau. Along with some other Tanjung Padang residents, he established Karya Bersama Cooperative in order to help develop the local community. Karya Bersama Cooperative then became a partner of APRIL subsidiary PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP).

The cooperative initially provided two canal boats to support RAPP’s operations but, as the company grew, nine more were added in 2015. “We also bought a water tanker and Colt diesel truck to support PT RAPP’s activities in Pulau Padang,” said Izwan.


Izwan’s business continued to grow and, after being contracted to manage a nursery for PT RAPP, was employing 50 members of the local community. 

“I am really thankful that together with the cooperative, I could provide employment for the local residents. Thanks to PT RAPP for always supporting us to grow,” said Izwan, who is aged 30. 

 As well as contracts and employment opportunities, PT RAPP also provided training and workshops for the Karya Bersama Cooperative, covering everything from management techniques to implementing technology. “The training was very useful for us since we could learn something new and apply the knowledge to develop our cooperative,” he said.

Today the Cooperative’s priorities have shifted away from the nursery, but the organization continues to be an important source of employment for local residents.

Izwan’s determination, hard work and patience paid off when the cooperative he led was awarded a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award from PT RAPP. The award was given directly by Indonesia Trade Minister, Enggartiasto Lukita on 18 June 2017, when the minister paid a visit to PT RAPP’s site in Pelalawan district, Riau.

The event was held to enable PT RAPP to reward its partners, and Izwan’s Karya Bersama Cooperative was the only non-corporate winner, impressing the judges due to its commitment to growing the local economy and providing employment.

“I was really surprised to receive the award,” said Izwan. “Thanks to PT RAPP for appreciating our hard work. I hope that Karya Bersama Cooperative could continue to help the community.”

APRIL Group’s Community Development program aims to benefit local people through community engagement, economic impact, education, and infrastructure. The SME development program provides aspiring entrepreneurs with technical and financial expertise. This is in accordance with the principles of the company who believes that only when actions are good for the community, country, and climate will they ultimately benefit the company.