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Did you know that one pint of blood can be used to save three lives? Blood plays a vital role in ensuring whether someone lives or dies, and it is the reason why medical organisations all over the world continuously call for regular blood donations. These voluntary donations ensure that there is a continuous supply of blood which can be used to keep someone alive during critical medical situations.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, blood donations have decreased around the world – partly because people have had to stay at home, but also due to some reluctance and fear of contracting the coronavirus by giving blood.

At APRIL Group (Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited), employees have always been encouraged to do their part for the community by donating blood. There is even a blood donor community called the Riau Complex Blood Donor Family (KDD) comprising employees and their family members, in the Riau Complex in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau, where they are staying.

KDD Riau Complex typically organises triannual blood donation events, which result in thousands of donated blood bags each. To date, KDD has organised over 50 Blood Donation Days, successfully collecting 6,000,000 ml of blood along the way.

The world of forestry is often associated with ‘a man’s’ world'. But the good thing is, there are a number of women who have demonstrated their strength as leaders in the field of forestry i today.

One of them is Dian Novarina, Deputy Director of Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement at APRIL Group. In addition to being a leader in the company’s business relations and sustainability team, Dian is also known as a practitioner who actively contributes to the national forestry sector.

At APRIL, the mother of two daughters is responsible for fostering relations between the company and key stakeholders in the forestry sector, such as academics, professional associations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as government institutions related to research and development.

Today is Kartini Day and in the spirit of celebrating female leadership, we would like to highlight one of APRIL’s inspirational female figures: Triana Krisandini, APRIL’s Assistant Director of Sustainability.

Triana’s hard work in sustainability was just recognised earlier this year with the prestigious ‘Corporate Sustainability Warrior’ award from the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainability Development (IBCSD).

The Corporate Sustainability Warrior award is given to sustainable business activists in Indonesia who have shown consistency in the ongoing mission to make the world a better place. It specifically recognizes those who often create business strategies by taking the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into consideration, as often echoed by the IBCSD.

As we commemorate Kartini Day in Indonesia, we’re reminded that being a true leader can be achieved in many different ways. Raden Ajeng Kartini – a female Indonesian national hero - proved that being a leader means being brave enough to stand up and do what's needed. Her thoughts on female empowerment and work on education is a valuable legacy which has been passed on to other generations, and is more relevant today than ever.

At APRIL Group, we are proud to have in our midst inspirational women who embody the spirit of Kartini. We interviewed one of them, our own Director of Sustainability and External Affairs, Lucita Jasmin, who shares her thoughts on gender equality, her role as a working mother, and her views on Kartini in today’s world…