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Today is Kartini Day and in the spirit of celebrating female leadership, we would like to highlight one of APRIL’s inspirational female figures: Triana Krisandini, APRIL’s Assistant Director of Sustainability.

Triana’s hard work in sustainability was just recognised earlier this year with the prestigious ‘Corporate Sustainability Warrior’ award from the Indonesia Business Council for Sustainability Development (IBCSD).

The Corporate Sustainability Warrior award is given to sustainable business activists in Indonesia who have shown consistency in the ongoing mission to make the world a better place. It specifically recognizes those who often create business strategies by taking the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into consideration, as often echoed by the IBCSD.

As we commemorate Kartini Day in Indonesia, we’re reminded that being a true leader can be achieved in many different ways. Raden Ajeng Kartini – a female Indonesian national hero - proved that being a leader means being brave enough to stand up and do what's needed. Her thoughts on female empowerment and work on education is a valuable legacy which has been passed on to other generations, and is more relevant today than ever.

At APRIL Group, we are proud to have in our midst inspirational women who embody the spirit of Kartini. We interviewed one of them, our own Director of Sustainability and External Affairs, Lucita Jasmin, who shares her thoughts on gender equality, her role as a working mother, and her views on Kartini in today’s world…

APRIL Group has just opened applications for the third batch of its sustainability professional development program, which has now been renamed the APRIL Sustainability Professional Readiness Program (ASPiRE).

ASPiRE is an 18-month accelerated talent development program designed to recruit and train individuals who have a passion and belief that doing things sustainably in business is the way to go.

The program was previously known as the APRIL Sustainability Professional Development Program (ASPDP).

Triana Krisandini, APRIL’s Assistant Director of Sustainability who heads recruitment for ASPiRE, said the program’s main objective of grooming future leaders in sustainability shows that APRIL’s commitment to sustainability in running the business is for the long term.

They may be confined to their homes by the global Covid-19 pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped the pupils of Mutiara Harapan School (SMH) in the RAPP Complex from showing up for class. Virtual class that is.

Teachers began online classes from the start of this week, ensuring that education continues for the school’s 580 pupils, who are aged 4 to 17.

“I can say that with the online classes I have hosted, the children have so enjoyed seeing their friends on screen,” said Cheryl Wevell, who teaches art at the PYP levels (Grades 1 to 6).