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APRIL photography club

For members of Riau Andalan Photography Club (KOPRAL), photography is an art which allows them to tell stories.

APRIL Photography Club RAPP in Action

APRIL - Basketball Club

By day they plant trees, but by night, they shoot threes.

Set within the town of Pangkalan Kerinci in Sumatra, Indonesia, the Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) Complex was built entirely by APRIL Group for its employees and their families.

APRIL Basketball Full Team

International Women's Day in APRIL

APRIL Group is proudly home to a myriad of talented individuals who contribute to our business and operations in various ways.

In honour of International Women’s Day 2019 this year, we hear from 10 of our female colleagues who work in different areas, including sustainability, research, art, and construction.


International Women’s Day

Natasha Gabriella

Sustainability Professional

"I handle stakeholder engagement relations and sustainability communication, which includes external communication like our sustainability reports. I studied environmental engineering and industrial ecology in school, so I always knew I wanted to do something that improves the environment and social economy. I’m glad that I’m at a company that’s on the ball when it comes to implementing sustainability – we are making real contributions to advancing sustainable development in Indonesia. It’s also great to see that there are many female sustainability leaders globally, including our own sustainability director! I hope I become one myself in the long term."

Paper Facts and Myths

Some of the myths around paper production were tackled in an article by Indonesian news outlet

One of the most common misconceptions about paper production is that each tree only produces one ream of paper. 

The facts and myths of paper