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"Why sustainability in APRIL?"

The question above was actually one of the questions asked to me during my second interview with a panel of Senior Managers from the Sustainability Team.

Career in April - Sustainability Professional Development Programme

My friends also asked me "why sustainability?"

Of course, those two questions are completely different but in my story the answer to one led to the answer to the other.

If graduating with a degree in Environmental Studies has taught me anything, it’s that the journey to sustainability is not straightforward at all, and that environmental issues are often complex and straddle many spheres. With that consideration in mind, APRIL’s Sustainability Professional Development Programme stood out among other opportunities in the sustainability field. The nature of APRIL’s operations means that its sustainability professionals work over a wide range of roles and environments, and the rotational nature of the programme would allow me to deploy and refine my skills in these many contexts.

Career in April - - Sustainability Professional Development Programme

Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) employees and their families put our core value of Complementary Team into action at the latest blood donation event in Pangkalan Kerinci in Riau, where they contributed 1,071 bags of blood.

Donate Blood Save Life  - World Blood Donor Day

APRIL photography club

For members of Riau Andalan Photography Club (KOPRAL), photography is an art which allows them to tell stories.

APRIL Photography Club RAPP in Action