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APR - Forest Educational Programme

The Fascinating World of Forestry (TFWoF) is an educational programme which introduces the younger generation to real-world issues concerning sustainable development, forestry and the environment through a wide range of learning activities.

Run by APRIL, the TFWoF programme is attended by secondary students and university students around Jakarta.

Among the main activities run as part of the programme are talks by APRIL experts about the challenging, multifaceted world of forestry. Students learn about sustainable forest management in the Indonesian context and the significance of collaboration and partnerships in doing so.

As part of the programme, APRIL also hosts a unique two-day, one-night field trip for TFWoF participants to its forestry and pulp and paper manufacturing facilities in Indonesia’s Riau province.

There, students from participating schools not only get to tour the research and development centre, they also get to visit local schools and communities in Riau to learn more about sustainable forestry and community development.

The students’ knowledge is further bolstered through an online TFWoF edu-portal and exhibitions which may be set up during the TFWoF talks at their schools.

APR - Forest Learning

However, recently, the TFWoF team has been participating more with exhibitions at national-level events that APRIL participates in, such as the Indogreen Environment & Forestry Expo or the Indonesia Climate Change Expo.

In 2017, three young and motivated university students were selected to become ambassadors for the TFWoF programme. The students were selected following an audition process which included an interview and action plan presentation.

Sustainable Forestry

The three selected students were appointed as a “Forestry Ambassador”, “Climate Ambassador” or “Green Technology Ambassador” for the programme. As TFWoF ambassadors, the students are expected to be role models for young adults to be inspired about the forestry industry.

Besides sharing their thoughts and experiences through their own social media platforms, the TFWoF ambassadors also share content on TFWoF’s social media accounts, particularly on Instagram.

About 700 students from 12 schools and universities in Jakarta took part in the TFWoF programme in 2017.

In 2018, the TFWoF team plans to continue raising awareness about the programme and the significance of forestry by reaching more students and schools in Jakarta as well as through stronger collaboration with stakeholders including local communities and governments.

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