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In the midst of land scarcity and uncertain weather, an integrated agriculture system is deemed to be the solution for farmers to manage their lands productively. Integrated farming uses multiple cultivation initiatives in the same area to deliver more sustainable agriculture. This system combines agriculture, farming, fishery, and other activities using the same land area – enabling farmers to gain additional income rather than relying on a single crop.

Farmers can continue to earn income from livestock, gardening and fishery between harvests of their main crop, ensuring a more reliable revenue stream and helping eliminate poverty. As a company that supports the development of small and medium businesses around its operational area, APRIL has been championing this since 1999. This program is part of the Community Development initiative providing training for farmers and facilitating technical assistance to increase their income. To date, there are over 2,200 farmers and 119 farmers groups with 1,632 hectares of land participating in the program.

Integrated Farming System (IFS) program


Back in 2017, 167 farmers were trained to cultivate farmland under the program, while 57 farmer groups were supported with agricultural materials. So far, 2,200 households have received support for agricultural materials via the IFS.

APR - Farming Systems & Techniques

Farmers who are selected to be part of the IFS are often members of farmer groups which are recognized by the Indonesian government, and who not only own their own farming land, but who possess a robust interest in farming.

Typically, horticulture farmers receive seeds, fertilizers, and farming equipment from APRIL in addition to assistance and monitoring of their farms by the company.

APRIL also provides baby calves to animal husbandry farmers. The company provides assistance to the farmers to rear the animals, including providing regular medical checks and treatments for the cattle.

Sustainable Farming in Indonesia

Those involved in the fishing industry – including fishermen and pond fish farmers – are also included in APRIL’s IFS program. Pond fish farmers may receive fish and fish food, while fishermen receive fishing equipment such as fishing nets.

Farmers who take part in the program not only acquire more knowledge with training and subsequent income from farming, they also have networking opportunities such as through group meetings where they are able to share their opinions.

At the moment, APRIL conducts all main IFS activities at its IFS Training Centre. Besides being a place where farmers gather for training, discussions and consultations about their small and medium businesses, the training centre is also where fruit seeds and plants for the IFS farmers’ use are produced, and where they can experiment with hydroponic plants (which are cultivated by using water and no soil).

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